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Chongqing International Trade Centre is a state-owned comprehensive Import and Export Company belongs to Chongqing Foreign Trade Group.
Chongqing Foreign Trading Group is a wholly state-owned foreign trade group, funded by the government of Chongqing municipality. The Group is composed of 17 subsidiary companies, including Chongqing International Trade Centre, Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import and Export Co. Ltd. and so on.
Chongqing International Trade Centre, located in Chongqing City (Chongqing is one of the four municipalities in China and the commercial center in southwestern China), is one of the key state-owned enterprises of import and export in Chongqing Municipality, dealing by it-self and agent of import, exporting and importing all kinds of products, commodities and technology.
Our company has been established since 1984, and our company enjoys six Import and Export business departments, one motorcycle manufacturing department and a managing centre for Chongqing foreign investment enterprises, the staff of our company is above 200.
Our company has greatly exploited international market due to our company' s good reputation and solid strength.
1. Being developed the African market actively in the recent years, the annual volume of motorcycles export reached above 80, 000 units, and two offices have been founded separately in two Africa countries.
2. In 2003, through the co-operation with the Egypt government, we gained a big order of 3000 units Chang' an cars from Helwan Diesel Engines Company, total contract value is USD12000000.
3. In 2006 our company won a part which valued 10million USD of equipment of water power station, another bid which is to provide total marine equipments for one 20000 DWT bulk carrier and the follows will be more than ten sets.


Finished Motorcycles,Welding Machines


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