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Our company specializes in various kinds of electrical home appliances, the computer, toy, telephone, electronic patented product appearance. The models, such as stuucture, etc. are made. Time has a history of 10 years to obtain employment, since establishing in the company, in line with price being rational, quality fine, deliver the company aim in time. Have established good cooperation with a lot of domestic and international well-known.
Corporate Structure: Divide into CNC machining center, engineering department, hand run part, car mould development, gush out oil, silica gel department who duplicates mould.
Scale state: The hand made is 30 people, CNC(the gong of computer) is 50 people.
Scale of the equipment: CNC (computer gong machining center) 14.8 of miling machine, 3 of lathe, vacuum make mould machine 1 of platrorm, Equipment of spraying paint etc…
Adopt the material: ABS import yellow glue board, aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, transparent inferior thrust augmentation, POM, PC etc…
Duplicate the state: Short run reply mould, water silicon glue of AB pour the glue, Transparent rubbers colored one, etc.
Manufactured coming and going: At home-create link, Legend, Founder, a Amerian one, etc, Foreign-Fuji Health, Philip, etc.


Quick Shaping Pattern of motorcycle, Automobile parts pattern, Family Electricity and Electronic Product, Medical Instrument


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