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With years in the field, Cajing has been actively researching and developing lined steel pipes conforming to high environmental protection standards and meeting different corrosive-environment needs for clients in different industries. A specialist in the industry, we know better than any competitors that anti-corrosion solutions (for weather corrosion, electrical corrosion, or salt corrosion) and maintenance (renewal or repairs) of steel pipes are always crucial and in urgent needs, especially when it comes to public-safety and environmental-hygiene-related steel piping, such as gas piping, petrochemical piping, and sewerage piping. After years of devotion to R&D and trials, we’ve successfully developed innovative half-permanent products, including coated/lined steel pipes, vans, tanks, and other superlative steel-framed products, which are attractive and durable, resist corrosion and UV rays, and feature combinations of high mechanical properties of steel materials and anti- chemical properties of plastic materials, via various coating and lining techniques.
Main Products/Service:PE, PVC, Lining Steel Pipe & Fitting, Grooved Coupling & End Fitting, Grooved Machine


PE Lined Steel Pipes, PVC Lined Steel Pipes, Epoxy Power Coating Steel Pipes, Grooved Machine, Grooved Mechanical Joint & Fittings, Plural Component Coating System, Hole Cut Piping System, Compound Materials for Rubber/Metal Repairs

Company: PO CHERNG CO., LTD.

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