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To expect to our children a safe. Ideal quality of the life.

Q-BEAR children and teenagers house, teach and design. Want the health , want safely , want environmental protection , want the happy furniture to be the main fact, healthy and safe , environmental protection , happy type of operation surround in the research and development of products, accord with the human engineering in order to demand, and then develop out the interaction type idea, bind every series of products which suit child and teenagers. Life and study that can be happy every day from family to the school.

The products of Q-BEAR also originated from Fwu Mau Furniture factory of the good fortune to the furniture , such as preschool, primary school desk chair based on more than 20 years. Makes experience offer to our country. Overseas a lot of family, kindergarten, school . Adopt the materials of safety , health, eco-friendly, environmental protection, and is devoted to studying intensively the development and design of educating the new products, regard professional technique as and demand, pursue the quality of perfecting to serve , make a one's own new field for each child, offer child perfect healthy equipment , let they among comfortable and safe ideal environment, happy study and growth.


Kids Furniture, Bookshelves, K/D Sguare Table, Baby Cradles, Baby Cribs, Baby Rockers, Baby and Kiddy Chairs, Children's Beds, Changing Tables, Study Desks/Tables & Chairs, Toy Cabinets/Boxes, Play Furniture, Nursery Chairs


Number of Total Employees: 38
Year Established: 1973
Export Percentage: 80%
Export Market: Global, Africa, Asia (Except China), Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: Q-Bear
Capital (USD): NT$ 1 million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Approvals / Certifications: SGS

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