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New Order Enterprise Co., Ltd. have been established since 1983. During the past ten years, we have devoted our efforts to developing and manufacturing high quality precision Timers, Counters and Electronic Control Units. Following modifications and improvements to our products over the years, we have now become the major supplier of these commodities to the Taiwan market. We are hoping to expand our sales worldwide in the future. The company is proud of its high reliability, gained as a result of customer satisfaction.

We are a dynamic company, and we are continuing our policy of developing new items to expand our range of products. We set ourselves high standards to manufacture only the best quality and totally reliable products. Good products, high quality and reliability, together with the best service to our customers is the continued aims and objectives of our company. So if you've got a new order to place for any of our line of products, then make same you call us here at New Order!


Motors, Generators Parts & Accessories, Relays, Timer, Counter, Temperature Controller, Controllers, Current Protector, Voltage Protector, Frequency Protector, Timers, Counters, Inspecting Instruments, Measuring Instruments


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