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YUCAL is MDT's own brand, the focus of which is the market of rim section. In order to enhance corporate value, MDT is constantly striving to innovate. It is hoped that YUCAL will become the mainstream of the rim market in the future.

M.D.T. TECHNOLOGIES INC was founded in 1998, the name of the company is the business philosophy itself; CREATIVITY, QUALITY and SUSTAINABILITY, ISO9001, IATF16949; ISO-14001; ISO-50001 quality certifications have been acquired in succession since 2010.

In early 1998, exporting molds and screws to the United States and India was the main market. In 2001, the factory was established in Vietnam. The main business content is OEM (professional commissioned OEM). It produces parts including drilling machines, air compressors, motorbikes, trucks, engineering vehicles, street lights and other parts. In addition to supplying local customers in Vietnam, they are also sold to the top 500 manufacturers in Europe and the United States, with over 140 product categories.

MDT company is to provide customers with "one-stop" service, in addition to the company with die-cast production line, CNC precision processing line, stamping plant, paint line, component assembly line and packaging line, and also in each station to establish product quality control testing procedure for establishing the product specifications to meet customer requirements of the operating model, products so far have been sold to Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Mainland China and Southeast Asia and other countries.

In order to seek reform and innovation of the traditional industry, as for the on equipment renewal, MDT began to introduce robotic arm to the production line in 2005, and 16 additional automated production lines has been added since 2018, so the market differentiation can be achieved for the company and help customers to achieve intelligent, fast, streamlined manufacturing, subverting the general traditional industry.


Charger, Wheel, Speed Controller, Temperature Controller, Temperature Pressure Monitor System, Aluminum Components, WHEELS, DIE CASTING, Gravity, Machining, Car and motorcycle of accessory

Company: C.Q.S. GROUP INC.

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