In 2005, two talented and spirited young engineers had a vision; to design high performance electrons and auto-part that major OE manufacturers could not or would not produce.

Led by Ricky C., and his partner Netson L., start the Top Gauge Co., Ltd. (hence the name "TG-TECH"), and began design high-performance AUTO-products in R.O.C. Taipei.
TG-TECH pioneered the Taiwanese aftermarket performance industry by delivering a host of exciting new products, including the first VDO sensor and electrons pressure sensor, substitute for Other early products. Clearly TG-TECH was Driving Performance trends for vehicles in Taiwan.

Since its beginning, TG-TECH has been committed to providing well-integrated, reliable,and environmentally sound performance systems. Mr. Ricky's strong leadership, engineering genius, creativity and willingness to listen to customers are the pillars of the company 's success. Monitoring consumer reaction and input on issues pertaining to material quality, external appearance, sound quality, and of course, performance, TG-TECH stays in tune with automotive enthusiasts' needs. Moreover, TG-TECH' products are designed to be user friendly for easy installation.

Today the automotive aftermarket industry in Taiwan is filled with start-up companies following in TG-TECH' footsteps. None however, can match the depth of engineering or manufacturing resources available to the talented, highly motivated and dedicated employees of TG-TECH.

For over 3years TG-TECH products have been put to the user-testing in Taiwan. As a result, TG-TECH has been synonymous with "performance" in the automotive aftermarket industry for the past 3years.

TG-TECH has matured into a publicly traded company with an international sales and distribution network spanning Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas to support its rapidly growing and ever-loyal worldwide customer base. The reason is simple: Whether it is engine, suspension, or drive-train systems, there is NO substitute for the performance, quality and reliability of TG-TECH.
Speedometer, Water Temperature Sensor, Voitmeter, Body Electrical Parts, Tachometers, Fuel Gauges, Engine Temperature Gauges, Oil Pressure Gauges, Ammeters, Voltage Meters, Turbo Gauges, Gauge, Gauges



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