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EP was founded and established in the year of 1979, EP' s high quality products and matured management status has been in both the global and domestic market for years. Throughout the years, EP has not only secured our position and reputation in the five continents of the world by creating name brand products but also became the top no. 1 leading manufacturer of cylinder liners products in Taiwan!

EP takes becoming a world class manufacturer of cylinder liners products as our goal and thus EP takes develop, manufacture, and sale high performance, high quality series of cylinder liners and also the development of interactive relationship with distributors and implementation of global entrepreneur management strategic positioning as our mission!

EP's competing leverages includes quality, service, manufacturing expertise, and continuous expansion of target markets. Through the complete usage of our resources to fulfill the needs of both external and internal environment, and also by sculpturing a high quality entrepreneur culture and human resources, EP will not only reach our goal but also complete our mission!
EP will also be very aggressive in the development of high performance and high quality cylinder liners, expansion of company size, and raise technical level so to strengthen the functions and capabilities of our technical service team to meet the customer's never ending changes and demands and also raise our global competing leverages.


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