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As a professional Scooter, ATV, Snow mobill, Motorcycle Parts & accessories manufacturer, supplier and exporter with a factory in Taiwan
Ching Tsang Industrial Co., Ltd. who focused on Automotive Systems (Vehicle : scooter, ATV, Snow mobill, motorcycle parts & accessories) Business such as engine management, electronic components and vehicle sensors systems...

• Engine Management Systems
1) High reliability and low cost ECU (Engine control unit - electronic control unit)
2) Low cost injector component
3) Low exhause emision

• Automotive Electronic Component Agency
1) Low cost condenser discharge ignition (CDI)
2) Low cost regulator units
3) Low EMS component agency

• Engine Electrical equipment
Offering highly efficient engine management systems that are enhancement in fuel efficiency and more comfortable drivability.

We provide high quality vehicle : scooter, motorcycle, ATV, snow mobill parts & accessaries with excellent products services for our customers. Enquires from global wholesalers, distributors, buyers, agents and OEM/ODM are welcome!

Please feel free to Contact Us for more vehicle parts (Scooter parts & accessaries, ATV parts &accessories, Snow mobill parts and Accessories and motorcycle parts & accessories) information. We would like to be your reliable vehicle parts & accessary manufactuer and welcome to visit our factory.

*** our main products include all kinds of Motorcycle, Scooter, ATV, Snow mobill Parts & accessaries like vehicle Engine Control module, Adaptive Headlights, Diagnosis Interface, Tire Pressure Monitoring, Vehicles Multimedia, Dashboard, TPS Sensor, Key Less, ECT Sensor, RPM Sensor, Speed Sensor, MAP Sensor, ACG Series, Battery Indicator, Rectifier regulator, CDI unit (CDI electronic ignition), Ignition coiled, Parking Lamp, Cylinder heads, others electronic parts...


C.D.I. Electronic Ignition, CDI Unit / Ignition for Vehicles Parts, Mortorcycle Voltage Regulator, Oil Level Switch, Winker and Buzzer, Speed Control C.D.I., digital CDI unit, lighter controller, digital speedometer


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