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A specialist designer and maker of machine tool accessories, Ho Jet Industrial Co., Ltd. markets under own HO JET brand. Handling everything from R&D and manufacturing to management and marketing in-house, we are highly regarded for quality products in over a dozen countries.

Our products include MC supercharger-type speed vises, heavy-duty index plates, vertical index plates, simple speed index plates, heavy-duty speed index plates, index heads, universal index heads, multipurpose tailstocks, universal tilting index plates, adjustable tilting angular tables, universal 3-axis angular vises, precision angle lock vises, MC extra-precision power vises, exterior angle-lock power vises, horizontal hydraulic vises, tilting hydraulic vises, light-duty drill grinders, multi-clamp vises, VSP pressure-setting power vises, VIP pressure-setting power vises, and hydro-pneumatic power mechanisms (with pump that is patented in Taiwan, China and the USA).


MC Supercharger-type Speed Vise, Heavy-duty Index Plate, Vertical Index Plate, Simple Speed Index Plate, Heavy-duty Speed Index Plate, Index Head, Universal Index Head, Multipurpose Tailstock, Universal Tilting Index Plate, Adjustable Tilting Angular Table, Universal 3-axis Angular Vise, Precision Angle Lock Vise, MC Extra-precision Power Vise, Exterior Angle-Lock Power Vise, Horizontal Hydraulic Vise, Tilting Hydraulic Vise, Light-duty Drill Grinder, Multi-clamp Vise, VSP Pressure-setting Power Vise, VIP Pressure-setting Power Vise, Vise, Index Plate, Angular Table


Number of Total Employees: 10
Year Established: 1996
Export Percentage: 50%
Export Market: Global, Asia (Except China), Mainland China
Brand Name: HO JET
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: --In-house R&D, manufacturing, management and marketing
--Products are highly regarded in over a dozen countries

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