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People today demand higher standards of safety and comfort towards their living environment, in both public and domestic domains. In line with this, the innovation and production of green building materials is becoming a main stream worldwide industry. These materials must provide various characteristics and functions which include being fire and waterproof, earthquake-proof, soundproof, while at the same time being easy for the construction industry to utilize. On top of this, the challenge is for them to be non-toxic to users and the environment.

With this in mind, DYNASTY has developed TECHWOOD, a new generation of multi-functional board.

Most building materials currently in the market provide only one single function which cannot meet all the demands of the occupant. As a result of this a mixture of different materials is usually applied to achieve a multi-functional characteristic and this increases cost and complexity in the construction. In order to solve this problem, since 1996, our Research and Development team, in cooperating with the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, R.O.C. dedicated itself to developing TECHWOOD, a multi-functional building material. TECHWOOD has been certified by the Ministry of Interior Construction of Taiwan for its fire resistant standard CNS6532 and reaches Chinas GB8624 B1 class standard. During a fire event, TECHWOOD releases insignificant amounts of non toxic gases and smoke, minimizing smoke and gas inhalation injuries.

TECHWDOD is by far the most superior interior building material for use in all areas. With its excellent features of fire resistance, it is sound, heat and waterproof, while still achieving non-toxicity, TECHWOOD is also an energy saving and environmentally friendly material. The physical properties of TECHWOOD meet the requirements of interior building materials, including a density of 0.57g/cm3, nail holding of 53kgf, hardness of 42 degrees. In addition, because of its light weight, it is easy to transport, process and assemble making TECHWOOD the most suitable material for interior constructions. We believe the development of TEChWOOD has provided itself as a multi-functional building material of the highest quality and safety standards. We hope, by this, it will provide our society a healthier, greener, safer and more comfortable living environment.

DYNASTY has been producing and marketing TECHWOOD since 2002. It is especially suitable for high-rise buildings, museums, galleries, laboratories, libraries, hospitals, nursing/residential homes. schools and theaters. Currently, TECHWOOD has been applied in many well known institutions having gained a good reputation and recognition. It is especially suitable for use in all public and private environments where, in the event of fire, smoke and gas exposure may especially wish to be avoided.


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