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Founded in 1978 by Mr. Thomas Chung, Pan-U is capable of manufacturing a wide range of unique hardware products which might require stamping, casting, forging, extrusion and so on. The company has acquired exceptional knowledge of the hardware industry as well as important manufacturing experience that will continue to guarantee its steady growth. Prior to 2004, it specialized in solid brass and bronze, chrome plated brass and bronze, stainless steel and galvanized steel components. As a result of the rapid growth in business, Pan-U established a new department in 2004. It has focused its expertise on Marine Hardware products including canopy fittings, fuel connectors, fuel lines, fuel filters, rod holders, paddles, boat hooks, battery accessories, trailer accessories and so forth. In total there are approximately 500 manufactured items for this department alone. The most distinctive business philosophy at Pan-U is to offer customers better products at affordable prices while maintaining high quality standards and expanding its capabilities. Pan-U takes pride in what it has done and is ready to step into the future providing its tradition of quality, efficiency and service.


Marine Aftermarket Fittings & Accessories, Marine Aftermarket Fittings, Marine Aftermarket Accessories, 4-Step Telescopic Ladder, Telescopic Ladder, Aluminum Ladder, Watercraft Hardware, Aluminum Fuel Filter Kit, Fuel Filters, Dual Feed Motor Flusher, Motor Flushe, Classic Side Mount LED Port Light, LED Port Light, Hydrofoil Set, Grip Adjustable Rod Holder, Yamaha Fuel Line, Submersible Trailer Light Kit, Submersible Trailer Light Kit–LED, Bilge Pump, Stainless Line Chock, Telescopic Mini Paddle, Adjustable Table Pedestal, Nylon Rope Grip Cleat, Mooring Snubber, Fuel/Water Separator Filter, Plastic Drain Plug & Receiver Kit, Rigig Snap Shackle, Stainless Steel Welded Ring


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