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Funz San Industry, the leading and most experienced deck machinery and fishing machines manufacturer in Taiwan.
Funz San Industry was founded in 1975. Its headquarter is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The name "Funz San (FS)" is also used as the product brand name. In 1988, an additional branch was established in chen tzeng area of Kaohsiung to provide faster and better customer services. Due to the expansion of business, the headquarter factory was expanded to twice as large as its original size in 1998. The headquarter factory is responsible for product manufacturing while the branch in Chen Tzeng is responsible for customer services such as installation and maintenance.
Funz San Industry obtained iso 9002 and iso9001 approvals in 1999 and 2002. Not only its manufacturing ability, but also the product quality improved significantly. Funz San manufactured deck machines have been sold not only to customers in Taiwan, but also customers in other countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and Russia. More than 4000 sets of deck machines have been manufactured and sold so far.


Towing Winch, Capstan, Windlass, Fish Pump, Size Separater, Stabilizer Fin, Towing Winch Cum Windlass, Line Hauler, Purse Winch, Anchor Handling Towing Winch


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