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Specialist in Electrical Enclosures and Sheet-Metal Housings for Machines
Equipped with high-precision machines such as Bystronic Laser Cutters from Switzerland, Amada CNC Punching Machines (Model VIPROS 357 QUEEN), computerized press brakes (Model FBDIII-FS1030), and computerized bending and shearing equipment, we are able and eager to fill your custom orders for the design and manufacture of electrical enclosures and sheet-metal housingsfor machines.

Working capacity of the Bystronic laser cutter:
* Cutting thickness: black iron: 20mm; white iron: 12mm; aluminum: 12mm; brass: 5mm
* Cutting range: 5M x 10M Working capacity of the VIPROS 357 QUEEN CNC punching machine:
* Punching thickness: 6mm
* Punching range: 1,270 x 1,830 (mm)
* Punching length: limitless Working capacity of the FB¢»-FS
* Bending length: 10M
* Bending accuracy: +15'


Stainless Steel Shell Products, Sheet Metal Parts for Machines, Electrical Housing and Control Cases for Machines, Slide Table Use Extendable Covers for Machines, Telescopic Covers for Machine Slide Tables, The Design & Manufacture of Machine Sheet-Metal Construction, Electric Boxes, Control Cases, and Enclosures for Machinery, Stainless Steel Housings, Subcontracting for Laser Cutting Process, Subcontracting for NC Punching Process, Key Ring, Metallic Plaques


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