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Quality water is for a gift of nature; it is also a natural element that is full of vitality, offering continuation of life for all living organisms. However, modern technology has destroyed nature’s original creations, causing all kinds of pollution to the living environment of humans. Furthermore, diseases and disasters are also transforming through the developments in technology, therefore, seeking quality water has become the life-long wish of Wu Wen-xin.

HA (Human Active) is also an element of life. After many years of research and traveling around the world to study the quality of water, in 2005, a contract was signed with the academic world for research on the relationship between quality water and chronic disease. This was conducted in the laboratories of NTUH. The study involved high-standard experimental research using animal cells and demonstrated significant results. In May 2007, the research results were announced in the NTUH international conference center and medical school of NCKU. In September 2009, technology transfer was officially received from NTUH to materialize quality water in the HA Hydrogen Energy Water Purifier.


National Taiwan University Hospital Skill Transfer, Hydrogen Energy Water Purifier, Shower Filter, Oclean Ozone Detoxification Machine, HA (Human Active) Hydrogen Energy Water Purifier


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