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KaiLien Enterprise was founded in 1997. The company engaged in the manufacturing of Single Screw Extrusion Machinery at the early stage, and has been extending its field to the manufacturing of high performance Parallel Twin Screw and Conical Twin Screw Extruders recent years; besides, it also engaged in the innovative development of any kinds of profile molds for the plastic-steel machinery and finished products, and it passes all the technical information to the buyers, too. Our markets cover from Taiwan to Asia, Middle East and Africa, and for the pursuing of high quality customer services in order to meet the growing demand of global markets, KaiLien
expanded its production base by moving to KanShan Industrial Park as to provide a better working environment to its work force for the achieving of high efficiency in June, 2005. This symbolized the solid commitment of our company to the transformation for high quality services.

We collect all talents for plastic extrusion development and offer services of expertise. Our devotion makes solid progress to pursue innovation and the most reliable business nature for superior technology to customers worldwide. Partnership and reliability are the central values of our company, and the finest quality of our customers' extrusion products is our top priority. By providing our customers with most satisfying services, it is predicable that KaiLien will have its remarkable performance in the market place of worldwide plastic industry.


PVC/PP/PE/ABS Single/Twin-Screw Pelletizing Extrusion Machine, PVC Single/Twin-Screw Profile, Twin-Screw Profile Making Machine, PVC/PP/PE/ABS Single/Twin-Screw Rigid (Soft) Pipe Making Machine, High and Low Speed Mixer/PVC High Speed Hot & Cooling Mixer, PVC Turn-Key Project, Waste Materials Recycling Machine, PVC Machine, PVC Extruder, PVC Extrusion Machine, Plastic Machine, Plastic Extruder, Plastic Extrusion Machine


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