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Comfort Orthopedic Co. Ltd was established since the year 1978 in Taiwan. We have always had a policy of combining high quality with innovation. Our products have obtained many awards from "It's very well made in Taiwan" and "Good Design Product." Our company obtained "Rising Star Award", President Lee got the 1985 Model of Youth Career Development of Taiwan., and General Manager Chen received the 2nd annual of "Enterprise Professional Manager Award." We hope to receive more awards in the future. But we do not rest on our laurels. In order to maintain growth, we constantly add to our team of professionals and have extended our factories in Taiwan and China to increase quality levels and customer service.
We are therefore proud to announce the creation of a new and more fitting logo to represent from 2003.1.1 The new logo with a more stream line appearance represents a more harmonized, friendly company culture and combines fashion with our products. The slogan "life is just beginning" encourages our company and all our customers to discard bad memories, and plan a new life from now on.

We are confident in our ability to present the market place with new high tech products. In the future we guarantee that the trade mark of Comfort represents the best quality and believe our products will bring complete satisfaction to the end user. You will see"Comfort" more and more through out the world, and we welcome you to join us.


Power Chair, Electric Scooter, Aluminum Wheelchair, Standard Steel Wheelchair, Self-care and Patient Aids, Beds, Accessories, Tilt Steel Wheelchair, Electric Scooters for the Handicapped, Walking Sticks, Bathroom Safety Aids / Accessories, Children's Protective Accessories


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