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JIAN SHENG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was founded in a central county, Taichung County, in Taiwan on August of 1991. We have been dedicated in production high precision metal stamping and molds for nearly twenty years. Our principle is to offer custom metal stampings (OEM/ODM) required a better solution and understanding of the customers needs. From beginning, JIAN SHENG has brought high precision/technical instruments with our plentiful experiences and enthusiasm to manufacture precision stampings for each customer.
Our engineering, material and metal-forming experiences can be applied even when challenged by a customer's unique metal part requirement. Chances are, we have seen it before -- and if not, no firm is more qualified to quickly and economically find the right solution. We are a recognized leader in the metal stamping industry through our expertise, technical ability and reputation for quick response to our customers.
Our team is our strength. Our commitment to service is our focus. JIAN SHENG has the human resources and expertise in machine technologies, proven methods and processes in all aspects of short run metal stamping to produce virtually any stamped, formed or fabricated metal part.
Therefore, if you need any stamping or sheet metal fabrication requirements, please think of JIAN SHENG. We have always pushed the technology envelope to consistently provide our customers the absolute best quality, delivered on time at the very best price. That is our aim.
Production Capabilities:
1. High volume precision metal stamping
JIAN SHENG pioneered the modern short run stamping process over 18 years ago and now, through our "specialization and standardization" process, we consistently deliver quality metal stampings throughout Taiwan and around the world.

2. Contract Manufacturing
Let JIAN SHENG solve your outsourcing and vendor reduction issues with our contract manufacturing expertise. We understand what it takes to manufacture precision metal stampings that meet quality, delivery and price standards so that you don't lose control of your production schedule.
JIAN SHENG offers extensive in-house production capabilities including CNC fabricating, short run stampings, assemblies and many secondary operations such as, drilling, welding, tapping, heat treating, countersinking, plating, riveting, sanding powder coating and much more.
JIAN SHENG accepts practically all CAD drawings and software types since our estimating team has over 18 years of combined experience. This means you're going to get a fast, accurate quotation.
3. Customizable tooling and Mold design
(1).Low Cost Customizable Tooling and Mold Design
JIAN SHENG 's tooling department is operated on a production line basis with each toolmaker being a specialist in their own operation. Computer assisted equipment enables ultra close tolerances. Wire EDM and CNC machining and drilling centers reduce delivery time and provide the highest quality available. Setup and teardown time is extremely minimized.
(2).Flexible Services = Flexible Solutions
Key Competencies
Rapid, accurate quoting / Engineering, planning and design assistance / Metal stamping / Sheet metal fabrications / Customizable tooling / Mechanical assemblies / Secondary and value-added services / Inspection and Quality Assurance.
4. Value-Added Operations
Secondary Operations
We can make your job easier! JIAN SHENG offers a variety of secondary operations to help complete your project and add that finishing touch to your products. Scroll down for a list of the many beneficial services we perform routinely.
Additional Services as follows:
Drilling, Tapping, Spot Welding, Machining, Countersinking, Plating, Riveting, Sanding, Heat Treating, Powder Coating, And much more!

Main Products/Service::
Air tool Accessories / Automotive hardware / Bicycle parts / The precision stamping of non-section / Electronic Parts & Equipment / Hand tools / Builders Hardware / Customizable tooling and Mold design And much more!


Ours are STAMPED with Quality Every Time Punched, Lathed, Pressed Products, Air Tool Accessories, Small Hardware for Boats, Curtains, Blinds, Accessories, Stamping


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