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After two generations as a family-run grinding contractor, we established Geng Jin Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008 to expand and focus especially on building aerospace parts, without forgetting our down-to-earth roots and work ethics. We offer mainly grinding tools, polishing compounds, stones etc. with four dedicated divisions. Aggressive, well-coordinated teamwork enables us to offer high-quality but reasonably-priced products shipped on-time.

Products & Services :
Developing and processing aerospace parts, auto/motorcycle parts; surface grinding; rough finishing; vibration grinding; burring; finishing of forgings, castings, metallic and nonmetallic items; sand blasting and polishing; fabrication, sale and buy of grinding tools, compounds, stones etc.

Production & QC Equipment: NC surface grinders; CNC lathes, lathing & milling machines and electrical discharge machines; sand blasters; two-/three-stage vibration grinders; dryer & dehumidifiers; manual grinders; surface smoothness gauge; hardness gauge; depth gauge

Approvals: ISO 9002; Taiwan’s MOEA-run Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation; and GEAE (Supplier Orientation Training)


Grinding Materials, Abrasives, Horizontal Grinders, Grinding Stones, Polishing Stones, Ceramic Grinding Stones, Plastic Grinding Stones, Grinding Rollers, Finishing Compounds, Surface Polishing Compounds, Polishing Compounds, Grinding Equipment, Polishing Medium, Grinding & Polishing Consumables, Brighteners, Hi-gloss Finishing Compounds, Cleansers, Coarse Polishing Compounds, Degreasers, Rust Preventives, Mounted Points With Shanks, Grinding Contractor, OEM With CNC Equipment, OEM, Subcontractor, Mechanical Processing, Surface Roughening, Processing, Burring, Surface Treatment, Grinding Subcontractor, Aerospace Parts Processing, Grinding Stone & Compound Manufacturer, Precision Parts Processing, Crystolon, Siliceous Sandstones


Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer
Address: No. 15, Shingho 1st Rd., Anping Industrial Park, Tainan City, Taiwan 70222
Telephone: 886-6-263-6079
Fax: 886-6-265-6782
URL: www.gengjin.com.tw

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