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Tsair Jia Metals Corp., Ltd. has established more than a decade since 1997.

We mainly produce bath accessories, such as Bathtub, Shower, Decorative Mirrors, Door Knobs, Shower Rods, Soap Dishes, Towel Bars, Towel Rings, Towel Shelves, Shower Accessories, Tumbler Holder, Toilet Holders, Tissue Holder, Hooks, Wall Mirrors, Grab Bar or any metal accessories.

At first, there is only one manufacture machine in our factory, but because of our efforts, it has become more than twenty manufacture machines, CNC and processing equipments now. Formerly, the first president Jin-Biang Ye realized that the bath equipments market in Taiwan was highly potentiality, but most processing methods and manufacture equipments in that time were extremely backward.

For the reason, president Ye started to study the professional processing technique and imported the newest equipments from Italy.

In the early days, because we attached the importance of the quality of the products, many domestic famous bath equipment companies appointed us to be their OEM and to produce the products and accessories for them.

In 2001, in order to offer better quality products and serve for more clients, we purchased more Hi-Tech. CNC equipments to enlarge our production capacity. In this way, we could produce all the bath products and semi-finished products for our clients now. Meanwhile, we could also develop the new products by study the sample or by the pattern from the clients. These remind us to progress our producing technique all the time.

With over 20 years of experience and NC and CNC machined over than 6000 items that we can ensure not only our manufacturing expertise, but also our design, service and installations are of the highest quality. We are happy to guarantee all our work and are proud of our reputation for thorough professional skill.

The belief of our company is to offer the professional service and the strict production quality control to guarantee all our clients.


Tissue holders, Storage Racks, Towel Racks, Soap holders, Showerheads, Shower equipment, Parts for Bathroom Equipment, Bathroom fittings, Mirrors and Mirror parts, Surface treatment, Punched Lathed Pressed Products


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