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  Established in 2005, Great Auto Parts inherits 30+ years of manufacture experience in Suspension and Steering chassis parts from family. The family business focuses on manufacturing BALL JOINT, Tie Rod End, Drag Link and Rack End. We have been in this field for over 3 decades and truly understand how the vehicle Suspension and steering system works. We do know that BALL STUD is the most critical component when the vehicles are on the road. To pursue higher quality products, Great Auto Parts established a test lab which is found nowhere else in the BALL STUD industry in Taiwan. Great Auto Parts handle every manufacturing process with meticulous care: from the procurement of steel coils, to CNC machining, to heat treatments with precise microstructures, to timely goods delivery. We are constantly in quest for the highest quality controls, so as to comply with OEM requirements.

  Great Auto Parts has the most advanced CNC machines, quality control procedures and lab experience. We are ahead of our competitors for more than 10 years. We manufacture the highest quality products that you can rely on. Therefore, choosing Great Auto parts as your partner will surely be a ticket to your business success.

  Great Auto parts was granted ISO 9001:2002 in 2006. In addition, since 2007, we have, as our customers, some big-name aftermarket ball stud manufacturers, both in North America and Europe.


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Number of Total Employees: 50
Year Established: 2004
Total Annual Sales (USD): 110,000,000.00
Export Percentage: 50%
Export Market: Europe, North America, Mainland China, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: GAP ~ Ball Stud, Ball Pin, Rack End
Capital (USD): 20,000,000.00
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: ‧Quality control and assurance
‧Big Name companies' supplier
‧Rapidly supply
‧All processes are in house
Approvals / Certifications: TUV ISO 9001:2008
靖 鎰 企 業 股 份 有 限 公 司
Contact Person: Vincent Cho (Manager)
Ivan Cho (General Manager)

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