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A 30-plus-year pro with seasoned, dedicated technicians, Chio Sun Pole Ind. uses CNC machine tools for precision building of metallic parts. Specialized, highly-skilled, aggressive, and always improving processing technologies, we can effectively fill any order with quality but reasonably-priced products.

We offer all-round consultation and solutions for metallic-parts processing. Talk to us to learn more.

Products and Services: Precision Processing of Metallic Parts, CNC Vertical Machining Center Processing, CNC Lathing, Woodworking Machinery and Tools, Couplings, Ejector Pins for Nailers/Staplers, Pump Cylinders, Vehicular Parts, Meat Grinders, Mechanical Parts & Accessories, Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Paintball Guns, Parts Development, Food Machinery, Healthcare Instruments, Agricultural Machinery & Implements, and Tie Rod Wrenches
Meat Grinders, Meat Grinders Parts, Sausage Making Machine, Tie Rod Wrenches, Precision Processed Parts, Auto/Motorcycle and Bicycle Parts, Paintball Guns, Ejector Pins for Staplers, Shaft Couplings, Pump Cylinders, Woodworking Machinery and Tools



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