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IPIN Service Co., Ltd.
Forged auto repair tools, tool sets and safety hooks, steel buckles

IPIN Service Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying hand tools and tool sets, backed by decades of experience and professionalism.

After years of forging work, the company has accumulated ample know-how and developed considerable production capabilities. It can turn out a variety of forged products as sockets, tool sets, spanners, wrenches, safety hooks, steel buckles, etc. Paying close attention to improvement in product functionality and quality, the company is well recognized as a reliable OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) of hand tools.

Among the company’s hot-sellers is the multi-size socket, innovation of which is attributable to the company’s R&D efforts. The socket enables users to handle different diameter nuts ranging from 9mm to 18mm without need for other accessories, and its special open design enables easier holding of nuts than competing products while reducing the possibility of damaging nuts. With maximum torque capacity exceeding 18kg/m, the practical tool is available in both metric and imperial units.

Insisting on strict quality assurance, competitive prices and on-time delivery, the company has earned solid reputation for customer-driven services in the global market.


Hooks for Autos, Motorcycles, and Aviation, Hardware Tools, Tie-downs, Wrenches, Forgings, Die-castings, Vise, Forging Products, Auto Repair Tools, Tie-down Hardware, Hooks, Safety Hooks, Buckles, Boat-repair Tools, Small Hardware for Boats, Multi-Size Socket, Binding series, Safety Belt Ring


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