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Founded in 2010, Chite Technology (backed by affiliate Fuyi Enterprise Corp. founded in 1988) specializes in stamping, offering mainly car booster cables, battery clips, wheels, wheel covers, lug nuts, nuts, skateboards, BBQs etc. A seasoned designer and maker with cutting-edge know-how, we offer quality products plus dedicated service to fully meet demand.OEM orders are welcome. Talk to us to see how a Taiwanese manufacturer can turn out outstanding products meeting your needs to build mutually-beneficial partnerships.


Booster Cable Assemblies, A-Series Clamps, B-Series Clamps, C-Series Clamps, D-Series and E-Series Clamps

Company: CHITE TECH. CO., LTD.
Address: 77-21 Chungjung Village, Anting Township, Tainan County, Taiwan 745
Telephone: 886-6-593-3688
Fax: 886-6-593-3685

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