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It has been more than three decades since the foundation of Lih Ta Fasteners Co., Ltd. Because of our emphasis on the improvement of quality, in addition to the original ISO 9001 quality system, we also promote the strict ISO/TS16949 quality control system for automobile industry; meanwhile, accompanied with the SPC quality control and automatic optical sorting for fastener within the factory, excellent product quality is provided to the customer. At the same time, Lih Ta has in-depth understanding on the social responsibility it has to take as an enterprise, hence, in addition to the frequent participation of activities for social benefit and charity , it also follows the requirements of ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards to introduce all kinds of pollution control and operation equipments so as to reduce the pollutions such as industrial waste gas, waste water and waste oil, etc.; meanwhile, it also introduces all kinds of processes with environmental concerns to cope with and meet all kinds of environmental protection laws and regulations (for example, RoHS, etc.) in time and to contribute to the sustaining operation of living environment for the next generation.Lih Ta believes that: “We are not only in the manufacturing industry to provide excellent product, we are also in the service industry to provide satisfied service”.


Torx, Torx Plus, Pt Screws, Trilobular, Remform, Mathread, Matpoint, Micro Screws, Nuts, Pins, Automobile Parts, Machine Screws, Welding Screws, Sems Screws, Clinching Screws, Rivets, Socket Set Screws, Latheing Parts, Multi-Stage Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Washers, Self-Drilling Screws, Taptite, Plastite, Pushtite, Powerlok, Kleerlok, Tru-Start, Extrude-Tite, Corflex, Kleertite, Fastite 2000, Taptite 2000, Taptite-Seal, Duo-Taptite, Taptite II

Address: No. 1, Hong-sheng St., Lien-ding Village, Kweishan Township,Taoyuan County, Taiwan 333
Telephone: 886-3-320-6972
Fax: 886-3-320-6973
URL: www.lih-ta.com.tw

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