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Founded in 1988, Pilot Metal Industrial makes mainly spindles and metallic parts for office machines with precision CNC machine tools as Nomura-16mm and Citizen-32mm sliding-headstock lathes. We’ve also been engaged in R&D and fabrication of hydraulic and fiber-optic parts in the last 5 years. To offer flawless products, we continue to strengthen in-line quality control in particular, coupled with intensive personnel training.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we stringently follow protocols in design, R&D and manufacturing. Talk to us about OEM/ODM of top-quality, precision-machined worm shafts, fiber-optic connectors, roller spindles, metallic auto parts, healthcare equipment parts,locker parts, aeronautical parts etc.

Quality certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System


CNC Precision-machined Items, Fiber-optic Connectors, Hydraulic Parts and Accessories, Consumer Electronics Processing, Aeronautical Parts, Remote-control Car Parts, Mechanical Processing & OEM/ODM Services, Metallic Parts Processing, Hydraulic Components, Pneumatic Components, CNC Lathes, Precision Metallic Parts, CNC/NC Lathed Items, Lathing, Lathed Metallic Parts, Fiber-optic Parts, Lathed Parts, Machined Parts, PC Screws, Special Precision Screws, Auto Parts & Accessories, Transmission Shafts, Motor Spindles, Metal Forming & Processing, Processing/Subcontracting Services, Processing & Maintenance Services, Worm Shafts, Worm Gears, Healthcare Equipment Parts, C.V. Joints, Metal Shafts for Facsimile Machines/Photocopiers, Electronic Components, Hinges, Standoffs, Connectors, Punched, Lathed, Stamped Items


Number of Total Employees: 16
Year Established: 1988
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Total Annual Sales (USD): 2.53 million
Export Percentage: 15%
Export Market: Global, Europe, Asia (Except China), North America
Brand Name: P.M.I.
Capital (USD): 1,000,000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: * New, superior-quality products of diverse designs
* In-house fabrication ensures top quality and on-time delivery; small/OEM/ODM orders accepted
Approvals / Certifications: Quality certified ISO 9001:2008(Quality Management System)
Contact Person: Jack Chiu (Sales Manager)

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