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Precision, Efficiency and Enthusiasm are our operation goals.

In order to have long-run business in the worldwide market to overcome the economic downturn, all you need is to have a reliable manufacturer to supply high quality products and competitive price to you. Shang Hao can help you achieve these goals because we have the following advantages:

Over 20 years of experience in industrial components.
Best price and high quality.
Punctual Deliver

Professional skills, good quality, accurate delivery

Shang Hao is a factory with a fine reputation. These 3 strong points allow us to become famous and reliable. All the customers and cooperation can count on us, for we will do our best to satisfy customers’ requirements. Due to the strict self-discipline, Shang Hao has passed the ISO9001 certification. Despite the economic slump, precision, efficiency, and enthusiasm are still our business goals. Under the system of enhancing quality, Shang Hao focuses on the professional staff training because we can have the best profits for our customers and create win-win situation by possessing the excellent manufacturing technologies.

In order to ensure the stableness of product quality, our company continues to increase purchase of inspection equipment and ensure the product precision. Other than using brass, iron, and aluminum, we also specialize in manufacturing special materials such as stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel, titanium, nickel, chrome-molybdenum, manganese nickel alloy, acrylic, SUJ2, etc. There are over 20 sets of equipment including CNC Dual-Shaft Lathe, CNC Composite Lathe, CNC Lathe, etc. In addition, we manufacture the OEM hardware parts covering the stainless steel button of cellular phones, 3C stainless steel external components, valve components, auto parts, elevator buttons, treatment implements, construction hardware, sports parts, fitting parts, etc.

Professional production : Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium, Nickel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, brass, steel and so on.

Main Machining Capability

Machining Thickness: 0.5 mm ~
Processing Precision: 0.005mm
Machining Range: Ø1mm~Ø180mm

Main inspection equipment:

1. 2D microprocessor microscope image measuring instrument
2. Instruments for optical measuring height gauges
3. Surface roughness testing
4. Micrometer
5. Three-point inside micrometer
6. Calipers
7. Inside groove
8. External micrometers
9. Thread plug / ring gauge
10. Bore gauge
11. Stereo microscope
12. Hardness tester
13. Pin Gauges
14. Gauges.
15. Machine for testing hardness.


Valves, Fastner, Auto Parts, Gear, Axis, Hxdraulics and Plumbory Products, Hardware Parts and Lighting Parts, Bathroom Accessories, Screw Stainless Steel Parts Fitting, Spindles, Needle Valves, Mechanical Parts, Connector Parts, Motorcycle Oil Pipe Parts, Stethoscopes


Number of Total Employees: 13
Year Established: 2010
Total Annual Sales (USD): US$51,630
Export Percentage: 90%
Export Market: Global
Capital (USD): US$103,160
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: * Superior quality
* Prompt delivery
* Competitive prices
Approvals / Certifications: ISO 9001:2008

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