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Since incorporation, Kuang An Glass Co., Ltd. has experienced through the boom and depression cycle of this country. This company still gains its growth year after year by the support from its customers, for which we thereby present our sincere gratefulness. To achieve our goal for customers' satisfaction, this company was proudly awarded ISO-9002 on the date of 18 December 1998, and attained ISO-9001 certification on 5 May 2004, representing the enhanced warranty of our products. In future, our operational concept is to place customers' services and quality on our priority list and to work in a profit-sharing manner. Also it is our anticipation to develop a more prospective future and to build up an enterprise with global viewpoint.


Temperred Bent and Flat Glass and Mirrors for Scanners, Screen Filter Glass, Lighting Fixtures, Building Materials, Bathroom Accessories, Shower Stall, Furniture, Electric Household Appliances, Solar Water Heater, Household, Sporting Goods, Glass tissue holders, Glass Tabletops, Safety glasses/goggles, Glass Fittings, and Industrial Products Use, and Industrial Products, Art Deco Lights/Hand-Painted Lamps, Temperred Bent and Flat Glass and Mirroes for Scanners, Electric Home Appliances, Glass quartz Clocks, Glass Tables, Glass wall Hangings, Cup Pads / Coasters, Glass trophies and Awards


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