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King-Ho-Shing brass forged Co., Ltd. is located in Chang Hua, Taiwan and possesses 5000 square meters. King-Ho-Shing has operated brass casting for more than forty years since 1966. King-Ho-Shing had undergone the global economics depression and the industries entered overseas, King-Ho-Shing is still holding the field and expanding without impacts.

In order to increase the competitiveness and capabilities. King-Ho-Shing puts a lot of efforts on product design, materials research, precision manufacturing, post processes, and professional manufacturing techniques. Immediately and proactive service are our spirit.

To enhance the professional capability, employees training courses like CAD/CAM, precision manufacturing, etc. are keeping implemented because we believe that the important property of enterprise is employees.

Service items
■Tooling Desing and Fabrication.
■Hot/Cold Forging.
■CNC Machining.
■Sand Blasting.
■Customized Process.

“Pursuit of excellence, create the future”
A square with a round center is an extension of Chinese philosophy and a way of life. It is also a key concept in the management philosophy at Kingforging. Strict control of the process flow and endless pursuit of quality and excellence to create the most competitive products for our customers is represented by the square on the outside. The round center symbolizes employee benefits and valuing their skill as the foundation to the success of the enterprise. The self-realization and comprehensive training of employees is translated into better quality products and customer services.

2010 Established precision cold forged production lines and created overseas department to serve foreign customers directly.
2008 Capitalization of NTD 62M. The completion of 3300 meter squares of factory area and start of ODM customer service.
2004 Capitalization of NTD 22M. addition of aluminum alloy forging and forming production capability. Introduction of ISO9001.
1998 Established the CNC lathe and milling production line and begin OEM metal parts manufacturing.
1992 Capitalization NTD 6.2M. Established the ball valve machining and production line.
1985 Capitalization NTD3M. Established the forging equipment to specialize in brass (copper) parts forging.
1979 Invested in Giagia industrial Co. Ltd in Malaysia to manufacture valve parts.
1966 Capitalization NTD 30K. Establishment of Kingforging Forged Brass Co. Ltd. To produce brass parts.


OEM Parts as Bathroom Fittings, Automotive Parts, Fire-fighting Equipment Parts and Electric Terminals, Brass-alloy Parts, Aluminum-alloy Parts, Forgings, Forged and Cast Parts, Gears, Adjustable Gears, Forged Parts, Brass Valves


Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer

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