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MING GUANTC CO., LTD. uses German OTT Spanntechnik accessories to provide special solutions for horizontal boring machine spindles. Our triple cooling method makes the boring shaft cooling more stable, and produces high-precision mechanical parts with the highest requirements based on years of know-how and experience in boring shafts to meet market trends and customer needs.
We do not pursue products and prices of the same nature. We only require that every product produced by MING GUANTC has the highest quality. Provide each customer with the best and most needed products, the most reliable and reliable entrustment, and maintain the optimization of manufacturing technology and machinery. No matter how much time and money it takes, the company only manufactures the ultimate, top-notch products for customers. Any customer dissatisfaction, any comments raised by the customer, the company can humbly accept, and discuss the best solution.
The two workpieces, the main shaft and the W axis, are nitrided, and then ground and ground. The oil film thickness gap between the main shaft and the W shaft is 4-10um. Both the main shaft and the W axis are processed by high-tech grinding. The thermal deformation generated during operation is small, which is especially suitable for high-speed and high-dynamic processing machine tools.


Highly-functional Spindles for Horizontal Borers

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