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Established in 1980, Sunny Machinery has been focusing in the pursuit of continuous quality improvement and perfection. Its "Freeport" surface grinders are dearly entrusted and acclaimed among numerous satisfied clients, and guide Sunny Machinery to become a major multinational exporting firm within Surface grinder industry. After years of research with immense investments, our staff conquered the inborn difficulties to manfacture sizable machines, and started the production of large double column type surface and forming grinder in 1992.

Among these refined machines is one with full length of 36 meters, and maximum working area of 14x3 meter -- the largest surface and forming double column grinder in Taiwan and throungh out south-east Asia of the time. The availability of this grinder allowed Taiwanese machine tool industry to expand towards large-size machine development at a quicker pace. To better accommodate the needs and trends of domestic super-size machine, Sunny Machinery innovated a masterpiece with enhanced mechanism and even larger grinding area in year of 2007.

Looking into the future, we humbly wish to receive advice and consultation from all perspectives to build brighter tomorrow.


Surface Grinding Machines, Planers/Planing & Milling, CNC Grinding Machines, Double-Column Grinding Machines, heavy duty type precision surface grinder, precision surface grinder


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