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TTiC possesses the whole solution for light decay problem of high power LED lighting causing by overheating. Combine with the super-conductivity technique with unique heat-dissipating technology and force flow cooling system; TTiC’s products have achieved a very low system temperature. The temperature rising is only 0.08 ℃/W and for natural cooling system the temperature rising is controlled at 0.3℃/W. TTiC is able to put solid state lighting into 1,000W or above application effectively and safely.

1.Possess numerous patents for thermal designs.
Natural cooling system: super-conductivity technique separate the heat, downward heat exchange structure, avoid the dust accumulation.
Force flow cooling system: highly reliable circulation fan driving the airflow, achieve super low thermal resistance at 0.08°C/W and over 50000hrs lifespan with controlled light decay.
Liquid cooling system: the separation of the light and heat dissipating mechanism, direct the heat to ambient preventing the heat trapped in the building.
2.Modularized core design strengthens its competency and capable of mass production, identical production standard and low cost advantages.
3.With TTiC Super-Conductivity thermal technology, TTiC’S LED lighting can be successive to 20,000 hours power-on with less than 10% light decay rate.
4.Downwards heat dissipation structure design will practically prevent side effect of long time dust/sand accumulation.
5.Maintain SGS Salt Spray test, IP67, Vibration Test, and successive 360 hours power-on with 50°C ambient temp, durability lifespan test.
6.The patents have been proved in Taiwan, U.S.A., Japan and China. TTiC also has applied for PCT in 140 countries.


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