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DGR is a professional manufacturer which specializes in the production of buffers. We posses many years of research & development and performance testing. We have gained a wealth of technical experience through independently producing high quality OEM goods for world renowned suspension brands. Our research & development is aimed at overcoming uneven road conditions. After years of ersistent researching, recording and analysis by our test panel, we finally created a suspension system that can perfectly handle uneven road conditions and simultaneously provide a perfect balance of comfort and function.
DGR shock absorbers are divided into two categories: street and racing. The springs included with DGR shock absorbers are made from high quality SAE9254 steel, which is extremely resistant to deformation and provides excellent rigidity and long life usage. The cylinder oil used in DGR shock absorbers is higher quality than that of factory standard oil. When encountering pits or pot-holes on the road DGR shock absorbers will reduce shock and prevent the second bounce feeling due to excellent bounce suppression qualities. By reducing the level shock the tired friction on the road will increase, improving handling and providing a more enjoyable, safer drive.
DGR caliper: Consists mostly of S4 pot , S6 pot, M6 pot, M8 pot , L8 pot. In our car list , ranging from Japan and European car. These offer even more performance and consist of friction endurance and high temperature reliability for street or track.


Shock Absorbers, Suspension Parts

Company: ZI-HE CO., LTD.

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