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Since the foundation of our company, we are skilled devoted on the manufacture of the extension metal wire. We strive to continually seek for better technique, in order to obtain higher quality and superior products, and also to enhance our professional true quality. We never stop to try for the best. Base on the specialty. Hereby we could improve the quality and the quantity of the products; thus our customers may obtain lower cost and higher gain on the goods.

 Living in the world of competition, the true meaning of the " No change", is "to change". In the research of our customers. Beside, safety in works and our team living environment are also important points that we do not ignore. All of our staffs may be active and devoted to consider how to improve persons, works and products. We aim to provide our best service, We hope to exceed Customer expectations in Quality, service and speed.

  Since our investment in this field, we sold Spring Wire and Preressed Concrete Steel Wire both inside our country but also we export to overseas and we are collected good comments from our customers. The rate occupied by Prestressed Concrete steel Wire in Taiwan Market is over than 80%, and the cutting is made of Electrode Wire. Our company brought modern technique from overseas. It is the responsibility of the Management team's with technical personnel, to guaranty and maintain the quality of our products. We will be deliberate in our actions and ethical in our practices.


Spring Steel Wires, Stainless Steel Spring Wires, Galvanized Steel Spring Wires, Wave Springs, Power Springs, Steel Wires and Rods, Iron Wires and Rods, Steel Wire Ropes


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