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The establishment of “Shine Yuh” is under the ideas of “continuance, growth, outstanding and sincerity”. We aim to giving a trusting and quality service for every task you need. As we have more than 20 years experience in the field of woodworking, we gained clients’ trusting. We are engaged in the whole factory of the woodworking, formulate the correct production procedures by following the identities of factories’ manufactures, to reach customers’ demands. In addition, input the Japanese woodworking machinery to sell and develop so far too and expand the products to Japan, continent, Vietnam, U.S.A and European market, to reach multeity goals managing and integrating with the international market.

We offer you perfect service from design, Manufacture and specifications.


Woodworking Lathes, Planer, Double End Miter Moulder, High-Frequency Wooden Board Joining Machines, Multiple Sides Planers, Upper & Lower Two Side Planer, Wooden Frame/Cabinet Assembling Machines, Combination Jointer Planer, Sharpening Machines, Paper Overlay Plywood Making Machines, Multi Spindle Wood Planer & Moulding Machines, 4 Sides, Shaper Router, Oil Pressure Backknife Lathe, Oil Pressure Copying Lathe, Automatic Oil Pressure Wooden Lathe, High-frequency Wooden-board-joining Machines, High-Frequency Wooden Frame/Cabinet Assembly Machines

Company: SHINE YUH CO., LTD.

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