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Quality furniture doesn't just include visible part; it's also a matter of design. At Hi-Max, we put ourselves in user’s position, we put
ourselves in your position. Good quality furniture, it is an artwork when it display alone, and it also fits in each space style harmoniously.
You will notice it when you look at it, but it disappears when you are using it.
Good quality furniture, it is not only matter of structure, visual quality but also if it’s an item that will bring hot sell and positive feedback.
Designs products to fit in user’s life.
Produce product with 30-year experience and profession.
Values how the product present in front of users.
Provides design service, quality product, and on time delivery.
Requests our product able to be the hot selling item in your business.


Metal, Glass & Wooden K/D Furniture for Entertainment Centers, Living Room Furniture, Computer Desk, Book Shelve's, TV Stands and Stereo Racks, Metal Audio/Video Stands, Cupboard-Tables or Desks, Occasional Tables, Metal-Tube K/D Furniture, Bookshelves, SOHO Workstation/Home Office Furniture, File Cabinet, Wooden Parts and Fittings, Furniture, Height adjustable desk, height adjustable table, public desk, public table, height adjustable frame, height adjustable accessories, desk, student desk, tv stand, rack, metal furniture, glass furniture, wooden furniture, Public-Area Use Furniture, Furniture for Airports, Furniture for Hotels/Motels, Library Use Furniture, School Use Furniture, Lecterns, OA Table/Desk Legs, Electronic Devices for Furniture, Furniture Actuator & Controller


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