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Auto A/C Controllers & Parts to Cool Even the Hottest Rivals
Specialized designer and maker
■ ISO 9001:2000-certified A/C controllers and parts for cars, buses and trucks (including freezer trucks)
■ Digitized model effectively regulates constant temperature and air flow to extend lifecycle of A/C and refrigeration system

* Electric refrigerator / freezer controllers
* Bus/truck air-conditioning controllers
* Power relay systems
* Thermo relays, AMPC transistors, thermo-control amplifiers (for Nissan, Honda, VW etc.)
* Variable resistors, A/C switches, 12V/24V one-touch security systems & thermistors

Since Yue Tay Enterprise Co.,Ltd. was established in 1977, the staff have adhered to the principle of management: sincerity and trustworthiness. We have continuously improved the air-conditioning of vehicles, studied and improved our goods, and strictly controlled and produced high-quality products. After more than 20- years of innovation, we have secured patents of many new products and developed an excellent reputation.

Belief of Management:
We are devoted to producing high-quality and professional merchandise related to vehicle air-conditioners. Our customers trust us because they trust the quality of our products. In return, we take a more cautious and precise attitude to supervise and produce our products.
Main products: Thermo Controls for Vehicles with Freezers
Air-Conditioning Thermo Controls for Vehicles of All Sizes

2008-Continues developing new products and exports them to the foreign markets.
2002-Passed the inspection of ISO-9001:2000 for air-conditioning products.
1997-Received the honor of Good Cooperative Manufacturer from OEM company.
1996-Changed the company’s name from Yue Tay Enterprise to Yue Tay Enterprise Co.,Ltd. The capital was one million dollars. The company was divided into Development Section, Business Section, Management Section, being devoted to the development, production, and selling of air-conditioning and bus temperature control system.
1993-Successfully produced the new model No. 84695 (the temperature control device for vehicles with freezers) and secured the patent.
1989-Successfully produced the new model No. 48982 (the automatic device for temperature and breeze control) and secured the patent.
1987-Provided the company OEM with related components of vehicle air-conditioning.
1977-Established in NO. 8 Tie-Lu E. Lane, Li-Lin E. Road, Chiao-Tou Hsiang, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, R.O.C. and named Yue Tay Enterprise.


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