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Founded in 1976, we are an OBM and ODM of photocell-controlled doors and have developed a series of innovative automatic sliding doors under the “TOREX” brand. Being market sensitive, we focus not only on offering the latest automatic sliding doors, but also wide-ranging photocell door peripherals, including access control systems, photocells and sensors, AC/DC motors, compact remote controls, microwave sensors etc. Our microwave sensors are well-known for high-precision and accuracy to efficiently minimize false alarms. Also our outstanding, compact remote controls are compatible with all our sliding door systems and are highly reputable in the field.

TOREX has 30-plus years in the field, and we are dedicated to R&D to minimize defects and maximize durability of automatic door systems. To become a renowned global player, we have applied for Automaticsh Standards, obtained CE-approval, and many patented products in Taiwan and China, which shows we are on par to global leaders in quality and know-how.

We’ve always pursued high quality, reputation to sustain operations. Maintaining close relations with global distributors enables us to keep upgrading operations. We do our utmost to produce better sliding doors that are easy-to-maintain, sturdy, cost-efficient, and durable. From simple to sophisticated access control systems, such as security optical-sensor switches to fingerprint/card-reading access control systems, we try to meet customers’ requirements and are proud of being the first choice in automatic sliding doors.

Contact us for further info regarding customization, for we represent top-quality automatic sliding door systems.


Wireless Photocell Touch Switches, Wireless Remote Controls, Microwave Sensors, Security Optical-sensor Switches, Motorized Automatic Sliding-door Locks


Year Established: 1976
Production Mode: ODM
Export Percentage: 60%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: TOREX
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: * OBM
* Superior product quality
Approvals / Certifications: TOREX

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