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GWA was founded in Nov. 2006. GWA was the first company in Taiwan that offered commercial eBike battery packs for European customers back to 2006. In 2007, GWA began working with several leading European electric bike manufacturers in developing different battery packs. In 2010, per clients' request, GWA began developing eBike turnkey solutions for ODM/OEM customers. In 2012 Taipei Cycle Show, GWA announced a dual-battery eBike turn-key solution called 'Easi-MBO' to address the needs of B2B or corporate customers. The 'Easi-MBO' solution offers a total of 720 Wh capacity. It is the largest power source in the Pedelec industry. In addition, the individual battery pack is a super-slim with only 3.2 cm total thickness and it is rated at 360Wh 10.8Ah. All solutions developed by GWA are home-grown. For those customers who need a tailor-made solution, GWA can also meet their needs. The ODM/OEM customers are welcomed GWA's Pedelec turnkey solution includes super-slim 3.2 cm 365Wh lithium ion battery pack, fast chargers, rpm sensor, front or rear motors, dual-battery operation controller, detachable LCD display, rear carriers, IP66 wire sets, etc.


Battery (including different kind of battery and it's material), Electric Bicycle, Electric Bicycle Battery, Battery Chargers, Bicycle Engine, Luggage Carrier


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