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Hasus designs and manufactures a wide range of cycling shoes with innovation, quality, comfort and safety for city, sports and racing riders including road and mountain.

Taiwan, is more than a Kingdom of footwear manufacturer in the past half century; is also known worldwide as highly developed in Bicycle industry for high quality, innovation and price.Hasus is very proud to have the factory of bicycle shoes designed and made entirely in Taiwan, representing the quality. On the basis of more than 20 years experience and combining with the advantages of Taiwan footwear and bike industries.

Except the multi-functional bicycle shoes first launched, the most unique design is Hasus Dress Cycling shoes that perfectly combines the dress shoe look with high riding efficiency as cycling shoes. It not only brings lots of convenience if gentlemen ride to work without changing shoes, but offering another choice to improve riding efficiency. Hasus general sports riding bicycle shoes adopted special patent sole structure "full-wrapped sole" with more comfort and safety guaranteed, and the strength of sole is close to the carbon's. The racing cycling shoes with carbon sole will soon be ready too. Everyone will find suitable bicycle shoes in any circumstance and amazing experiences.


Bicycle Shoes

Company: HAKA CO., LTD.

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