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Long Tzyh Long was established in 1978 and is a specialist manufacturer of metal storage containers. Designed mainly for domestic use, our products include biscuit and candy tins, tea and coffee tins, tin wine cases and more.

Our company possesses both the skill and enthusiasm to produce high quality products to meet all kinds of buyer requirements. We also aim to keep costs as low as possible while not compromising our hard-earned reputation for quality. We aim to make our tins and containers as close to perfect as possible.
Tin Plated Cans, Coffee/Tea Tins, Gift Containers, Candle Tins, Pens, Christmas Gift Boxes, Stationary Sets, Multicoloured Tins, Gift Boxes, Chocolate Tins, Sweets Tins, Money Box, Biscuit Tins, Metal Stationary Sets, Multicolored Tins, Trash Bins



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