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Loopcomm Technology was founded in 1996 with further vision that networking products would become unavoidable commodities. We believed that everyone will share documents, files, mails and ideas by applying networking products.

Over the past 10 years, Loopcomm categorizes networking products according to 56K modems, ADSL modems, VoIP, Wireless series, and High power wireless and IP Cam series for our customers. As a result of having our own factory in Taiwan, we are capable of providing high quality networking products and shorter lead time for our OEM/ODM partners. We recruit our employees who have hands-on and real- world experience from a wide range of industries. Therefore, our advantage is to give you the cost-effective selection.

Loopcomm Technology devotes to producing convenient and smart networking products for all our consumers. Our goal is to meet your expectations--- best quality and service, reasonable low prices and on-time delivery.

From 56K modems to High power AP Router and IP Cam , we offer all series products for partners. Our partners do not need to purchase networking products from different companies.
Nowadays, with the trend toward moving factories to China, Loopcomm insists on producing in Taiwan. This shows we put emphasis on the importance of quality. We will always provide the best quality with reasonable low price for our customers.


Outdoor High Power Wireless AP Router, HD Cube IP Camera, Smart Repeater, USB Adapter


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