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"Petersburg Precision Industry Co., Ltd.", a company founded in 1992, after continuous innovation and transformation products from the sketch, three-dimensional measurement, mapping, mold development, fixture and seizure, and other operations has always been service import . Become more flexible design and manufacturing services company, so we set a own brand Flesh Air Peterburg embedded Visor, Tree House car lift tents, etc. ... Other Auto Parts products, our product quality to make a clear guarantee.

Downs After years of experience, the Company also thrive committed to developing brands and work autonomy, quality international, national products exported world deep affirmation, awarded several international assembly depot, using original spare parts specified.

In addition Petersburg Precision Industry Co., Ltd., in addition to automotive parts manufacturing excellent products for many years to adhere to quality upgrading, innovation, integrity and service as the company's core values, and is Taiwan's first manufactured by the new patent application " SUVs flip-top car roof tent "and" embedded Visor "vendors, but has a number, automotive parts patent research results, to provide professional flip-top car roof tent and embedded Visor OEM, ODM service for customer demand for mass customization production, sold to Europe, America and China, Southeast Asian countries mainly.

Since the innovation and transformation of the company, but the government in mid-won many awards in Taiwan, was awarded in 2014 AMPA International Auto Parts Exhibition, trade associations and the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, which awarded the Silver Award for innovative products.

Petersburg Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Looking to the future, hoping to use the government to give these award-winning support by external forces to drive the growth of Petersburg Precision Industry Co., Ltd. within the organization to allow industry to further promote the market economy flourished active for Taiwan to promote industrial upgrading fulfill CSR force thin cotton.

Petersburg Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
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