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Golden Asia Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of honing seamless tubes and hard chromium piston rod for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder and guide rods for automated machinery. With its products marketing across the world, the firm has been accredited with SGS ISO 9001 certification in 2001. The company is actively expanding a second Golden Asia plant at a US$6 million budget in 2004.
Upholding a refinement approach to stringently safeguard its quality management, the company prides itself in presenting the best quality service to the automation industry. It is fully convinced that outstanding quality the best guarantee for marketing the company's products across the world. We are a true believer that only through constant quality enhancement can a producer manage to save cost, excel its competitiveness, and credit a great margin of profitability.
Looking out to the future, the company is committed to fully integrated the upstream and downstream suppliers to jointly conduct research and development that would provide to excel the quality, swift delivery date, and at a more reasonable cost, fueling the company and its valued customers with a greater profit niche for creating a win-win situation.


Honed Tube, Piston Rod, Aluminum Tube, Hollow Piston Rod, Stainless Tube, Stainless Piston Rod, Induction Rod


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