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With more than 15 years of experience, the Formosa DS Colours Industrial Co. is a competitive manufacturer of a range of construction hand tools for the global market.

After years of dedicated effort, the company has built up a comprehensive product portfolio of construction tools encompassing single-piece trowels, grouting floats, tile cutters, tile spacers, putty knives, PVC pipe cutters, hex key wrench sets, power bits, crimping tools, cable cutters, painting tools, and paint scrapers, among others.

Religiously believing that even the most mundane tools still have room for improvement, the company has constantly directed its skilled and experienced R&D engineers to develop and build more practical designs into its products so as to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. It is this strong commitment to continuous product improvement that has brought the company’s current success in the line.

Bolstered by its accumulated production technology and construction-tool know-how, the company is able to handle all manufacturing processes and has acquired a solid reputation as a trustworthy OEM and ODM supplier. Formosa DS Colours claims that it can integrate all upstream, midstream, and downstream resources in its manufacturing operations, thus assuring customers of consistent quality and competitive prices. Notably, the company has also stepped up investment in advanced thermal treatment equipment in an effort to provide products with strengthened durability and enhanced aesthetic appeal.


Hand Tools, Building Tools, Single Piece Trowels, Grouting Float, Tile Cutter, Tile Spacers, Putty Knifes, PVC Pipe Cutter, Hex Key Wrench Set, Power Bit, Crimping Tools, Cable Cutter, painting tools, Paint scrapers, Door and Window Hardware & Accessory


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