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L & S (TAIWAN) ALLIED CO., LTD., is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of Electrical Terminals, Tools, Kits, Wiring Accessories, and Marine Accessories for Automotive, Marine, and Household industries here in Taiwan since 1976. With over 35 years of expertise in the industry, we guarantee to supply diverse lines of high-quality products/customization/consolidation service and satisfying one-stop shopping experience at competitive prices.

Web site: http://www.termico.com.tw/
Mail: LS@termico.com.tw


Electrical Terminal, Connector, Wiring Parts, Tester, Tool & Assortment, Solderless Terminals, Crimpers, Strippers & Cutters, Circuit Testers & Checkers, Clips, Fuses, Holders & Pullers, Gold-plated Terminals, Power Distribution & Fuse Blocks, Switches, LED Indicator Lights, Cable Ties, Mounts, Clamps & Tools, Wiring Repair Kits

Company: L & S (TAIWAN) ALLIED CO., LTD.

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