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We company is specialized in producing Spring Making Machine, our machinery products have been sold and marketing in the world over 30 countries, our customers are welcome and affirmative our Spring Making Machine because of our price is reasonable and quality is good and stable.Company History:Year of 1980: we found Yuh-Hong Machine Factory in September of this year, produced 14DTJ Model-Single Head Extension Spring Making Machine Automatic Making Machine and Model 14 Compress Spring Making Machine, our machine quality has the affirmation by our customers. 1982~1995: More than 10 years from 1982 to 1995, the Mass production springs used for umbrella, sports equipment (such as spring hand puller), window curtains, stationery spring clipper, toy, electricity appliance, and bicycle front shock absorber and so on, they are approximated 90% of them are made from our spring making machine that we provided to our customers. Year of 1982: We change our company name to Su Yi Enterprise Company and establishing our own brand and registered trade mark as "SU YI COLTD" in the year of 1982. Year of 1985: Staring to involving in exporting overseas market since 1985, our company name changes to our current name-SU YI MACHINERY CO., LTD. our machinery products have been exported to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Chine, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan, India, Europe, America, Arab, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, South Africa, Morocco, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Chili, Egypt, Brazil, North Korea, Myanmar.. and so on. Year of 1990: Staring to research and developing the servo controlled CNC machine, after past the difficulty of Finical Risk of Asia in 1998, we are more actively in comparing the quality and stability of all brand so Servo Motor and controller form many companies, we bought 2 sets of system testing for 3 years, finally, we officially start to product CNC Series Spring Making Machine on the year of 2003. Year of 2003: Officially produce CNC Series and servo controlled Spring Making Machine. Jan. of 2005: The machine series of Compress/Spiral Spring Making Machine has been accepted the CE mark certificate from TUV of Ger.


Automatic Machine Series for Making Coil Springs & Torsion Springs, Hook & Buckle Forming Machines, Spring Coil Winding Machines, Wire-Netting Weaving Machines


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