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Established in 1996, Henma Machinery Corp. has been in the machinery industry for nearly 20 years, specializing in Metalworking Machinery ( including Metal-cutting Machines: Circular Sawing Machine, Abrasive Cut off Saw, Aluminum Cut off Saw / Metal Bending Machine / Aluminum Copy Router Machine )。For quality, we always have a rigorous self requirements。

Initially, we manufacture a variety of multi-function bench lathes, milling machines, have OEM / ODM with many well-known European brands。With the progress of the times, we eliminate outdated machine models to meet market needs。Henma also provide OEM / ODM customization services to meet the diverse needs of the metals industry。

Henma considerable attention to quality, safety, innovation and reliability。 We provide a stable, worthy of trust, high-quality machine。


Band Saw, Horizontal Type, Band Saw, Vertical Type, Sawing Machines, Circular, Aluminum Copy Router, Aluminum Cutting Machine, Metal Bending Machine, Aluminum Copy Router Machine, Aluminum Cut off Saw, Bending machine for Metal, Abrasive Disc Saw, Abrasive Cut off Saw, Circular Sawing Machine (Cold Saw), Aluminum Copy Router Machine for Window & Door, Abrasive Saw, Metal-cutting Machinery, Metalworking Machinery


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