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ATMA was found in year 1979, mainly R&D, production and sales "screen printer" with self-brand name ATMA to become "Asia screen printing innovative the first leading brand name", marketed global sales networking, certified by TUV approval ISO 9001 & 14001 & CE Wide range of product application covers various sectors of screen printing, machine with elegant style, complete function, convenient operation, superior safety, aiming at high precise screen printing technique, digitalized and automatized development, coverage hi-tech opto-electronic, printed circuits, bio-medical, green energy industry, created high efficient value added for entire screen printing industry.
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Screen Printer, Pneumatic Screen Printer Series, Clam-Shell Screen Printer Series, Electric Screen Printer Series, Digital Electric Screen Printer Series, Green Energy Screen Printer, Graphic Screen Printer, Glass Screen Printer, Printed Circuit Screen Printer, Biotechnology Screen Printer, Decoration Screen Printer, Opto-Electronic Screen Printer, Screen Printing Machines, Auto Flat Screen Printers, Printing Ink Making Machines, Other Printing Machines, Mini Flat Screen Printer, Mini Curve Screen Printer, Long-rod Screen Printer, Stereo Casing Flat Screen Printer, Digital Fully Automatic Glass Panel Screen Printer, Automatic CCD Registering Cover Lens Screen Printer, Paper Board Laminating and Coating Machines, Embossing Machines, Grinding & Finishing Machines


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