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NANTEC is a professional manufacturer in the packaging for high power LED, and in the assembling for high power LED lighting applications. Our products are including the light sources of visible & invisible rays, such as : red, blue, green, Cool white, Warm white, Infrared, ultraviolet, … etc.
We are packaging not only the single chip, double chips, but also the multi-chips for COB technic, and meet all the requirements of OEM for customers worldwide.
We were founded at Lin-Guang export processing zone, in the August of 2007. The main stockholders are consisted by the related companies in the upper reaches or the lower reaches, and the elite in this business field. Therefore, we own the experienced and complete team of research & development, and it includes the talent for the technics of LED die bonding, the dimming control of fluorescent powder, optical practice, the constructing of heat dissipation, the layout of electric circuits, assembled engineering, … etc. As the result of them, we have established the outstanding production line, in order to meet the strict trial of products platform worldwide.
Our main products are the LED light sources of high power and their related modules, lamps and applications. Since 2010, our production technology and products quality have been approved by several famous professions in the illumination business line, and earned many long term OEM orders. This is meaning that our products have been admired and acceptance to the local & overseas market. We are convinced that NANTEC should obtain an important rank in the future.


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Number of Total Employees: 50
Year Established: 2007
Export Percentage: 30%
Export Market: Global, Europe, Asia (Except China), Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: Nantec
Capital (USD): $2,367,900
Business Type: Manufacturer

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